APRIL 20, 2021


Dear customers,

In our houses and apartments the spaces are increasingly limited, do not give up anything, you can count on a room with two beds in very little space and very versatile with closed bunk beds you will have a large games room, with some open comfortable beds for when you need them, all with an opening system so simple that even a child can use it.



The commercial team






We have been a manufacturer of youth furniture since 1986 and it is in this market where we have developed all our experience. Our goal is to recah the highest level of customer satisfaction and all our efforts are aimed at achieving it.



We are located in Teruel, pol. Industrial la paz, c/ londres 44195  Teruel (Spain).We  have more tham 20 years of experience in the decoration and furniture creation sector. We always make your custom furniture with the highest quality using very resistant and optimal materials


Phone : +34 978 607 002


 Pol. Ind La Paz - C/Londres.

44195 - Teruel (Spain).