JANUARY 5, 2021

NEW RENDERS MTS 2021 1.- Folding bed with shelves In our folding beds the legs are automatic and totally hidden, with horizontal and vertical formats to solve any need, we have two depths, 60 and 43 and two heights 223.6 and 240 to be flush with wardrobe or modules. Bed sizes are also varied according to the types of opening, having them available for mattresses of width 90, 105, 140 and 160 with lengths of 190 and 200 meters. As we love bookcases, in this image we incorporate 3 different thicknesses applicable to columns and shelves that can be combined with each other, the available thicknesses are 4, 2.5 and 1.9 cm, imagination to power, plus robustness It is guaranteed thanks to the 1 cm backs. Finally, remember that the metal legs are also available in Black in addition to the traditional White and aluminum.
2.- STAR bed with cabinets and Terminal. In this Image we show several of the novelties of the MTS ANNEX. A chest with 3 independent drawers for greater organization and with a convenient lateral access. Bicama with equal length in both beds. Practical door module and drawers with a hole to serve as a table for the double bed and a 90º corner wardrobe with a shoe rack with mirror. Finally, we must highlight the M7 handles available in all colors placed on the upper part of the drawer that provides a visual cleaning of the entire composition A composition with a large storage service and two beds of equal size.





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