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In Spain, the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, AGPD ) is liable to impose penalities to the entreprises which do not fulfill with that obligation. Cookie definition (Wikipedia Source) A cookie is a little information sended by a web site and stored in the user's browser in a way that the web site could consult the previous activity of the user.

Its principal functions are:  To carry the control of the users: when a user introduces his user name and password, data are stored in a cookie lest to have to introduce  both data in each page of the server. However a cookie does not identify only one person but a combination computer-browser-user.  To obtain information about the browser habits of the user and spyware attempts from publicity agencies and others. This can cause privacy problems and is one of the reasons for what cookies have its detractors.


Originally, cookies could only be stored by a CGI petition from the server but Netscape gives to its JavaScript language the capacity to introduce them directly from the customer without to use any CGI. At first, due to browser errors, this caused some security problems. The cookies can be erased, accepted or blocked as per user wishes for that he has only to configure conveniently the web browser. Warning: the cookies use is necessary for the correct functioning of this web site, adhering current laws. Like the majority of current sites we use cookies to facilitate the use of our web site. Cookies are little information files which allow us to compare and understand how our users browser through our web page and so be able to improve consecuently the browsing process.


You can obtain more information about cookies and their use in The kind of cookies we use are:

Own cookies: the content manager on which this web runs uses cookies to facilitate the access and improve the browsing, the commentary management, the functionality, security and general experience of the user. For example, the system of the on-line shop use cookies to manage the shopping cart or the orders.

Cookies for social network: Facebook, Twitter and others social networks use cookies to recognize user and make him able to use their publication services, like – for exemple – the “like” button.

Cookies for Google Analytics: the data collected by the Google Analytics cookies are anonimous and used only to value the user's experience in our Web and to know the visit statistical.

When you visit our web platform you accept the installation of all these cookies in your electronic device.

Also we inform that you have the possibility to configure your browser in a way it warns you when it receives cookies being able so, if you want , to block their installation in your hard disk or erase them.

Following we provide links to diverse browsers that allow this configuration if you want it so:

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Opera - Mozilla - Firefox - Apple Safari


Kind, finality and functioning of the cookies in .es:

























Cookie's name

User / Testab / pf / VIRTUAL_URL_REFERRER













eid / uid




These cookies have for finality to improve the browsing in the web site. Ones are persistent and others are only for the session



Used by Google to check user's account and the most recent access


Publicity service


Used by Google Analytics


Used by Twitter to check user's account


Banners visualizer


Used by Facebook to validate the user


Communication of illicit and inadequate character activities

In case of any web site user becomes aware of links which redirect to pages which contents or services are illicit, harmful, degrading, violent or opposite to moral, he could contact JGORBE S.L. Indicating following data: personal data of the reporting person: name, address, phone number and e-mail direction Description of the facts which reveal the illicit or inadequate character of the hyperlink; in the assumption of rights violation like the intellectual and industrial property, the personal data of the infringed right owner when it is a different person of the communicating one. Also he must contribute the title which credits the legitimation of the rights owner and, when it is the case, the representation title which credits him to act on behalf of the owner when it is a different person of the communicating one. The reception by JGORBE S.L. of the planned communication in this clause will not suppose, according to the Law 34/2002 of the 11th July for information society services and electronic commerce, the effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the communicating person. The European regulation requires to the web sites and media that user accepts or opposes to receive cookies.








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