NOVEMBER 27, 2018


Dear customers,


We hereby remind you of the contact details of our youth furniture manager:

Phones: 978 607 012/978 607 002

Fax: 978 608 435


Any other email has been unsubscribed, therefore, we kindly ask you to take note of the new. On the other hand, tell them that if within 48 hours of being sent by fax or e-mail they have not received the order confirmation from us, it is because there is a reception error, so we ask them to get in touch phone with us. In turn, we want to tell you that J.Gorbe S.L., is under the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, which forces us to have to ask them to send us all our signed order confirmations, in order to put them into production.



Commercial team.









We have been a manufacturer of youth furniture since 1986 and it is in this market where we have developed all our experience. Our goal is to recah the highest level of customer satisfaction and all our efforts are aimed at achieving it.



We are located in Teruel, pol. Industrial la paz, c/ londres 44195  Teruel (Spain).We  have more tham 20 years of experience in the decoration and furniture creation sector. We always make your custom furniture with the highest quality using very resistant and optimal materials


Phone : +34 978 607 002


 Pol. Ind La Paz - C/Londres.

44195 - Teruel (Spain).